Introduction of Company

Daara group started in 1991 by publishing Daara magazine specialized in the industry filed and expanded our business
to the online. ‘Daara-eMarket’ and ‘Daaramall’ is a dominant online open market platform dealing with more than 100
million dollars of approximately 7,000 real transactions of industrial machines and tools per month. Thus, The Korea
Industry Daily could deliver quality news by reflecting accurate and latest industrial market trends based on diverse
information sources from on and off line experiences. Being recognized with our reputation in the industry filed for 27
years, recently we developed a partnership with NAVER holding 80% of whole search engine market share in South Korea.
On top of that, South Korean government also acknowledged Daara’s contribution to the Korean industry and Daara
got honored to win presidential award on the first day of November in 2017.

Daara Mall (online shopping for industrial goods)

Daara Group is the first and the largest on & offline
marketing group in Korea industry. Daara group now seeks
to be a pioneer in online mall by launching “DaaraMall”
where even real transactions are possible.
We call DaaraMall as ‘Department store in Industry’ and
keeping pace with the reputation of this title, we introduce
products and services based on thorough quality check.
More importantly, DaaraMall’s web services are conveniently
designed to provide an optimal process in the industry
field by mirroring the way of transactions in offline.
The main categories consist of Machine tool, Robot/
Automation, Meter/Instrument, Electronic, Tool, and MRO.
More than 1,300 clients/partners
  • Machine Tool – 330 clients
  • Robot / Automation – 152 companies
  • Meter / Instrument – 231 companies
  • Electronic Part – 195 companies
  • Tool – 180 companies
  • MRO – 275 companies

Daara Machinery Market (new/used machinery e-market)

Daara new/used machinery e-market introduced Korea’s
first online industrial market and continues to serve as the
nation’s top internet industrial information service provider.
  • · The leading online B2B site in machine and equipment.
  • · Member companies : over 140,000
  • · Provides ‘request for quotation’ service
  • · Monthly turnover : 100~120 billions KRW (in average)
  • · Total amount of products : over 320,000

The Korea Industry Daily

The Korea industry daily newspaper founded in 2007
has had issued for the stories of industry topic, policy,
in-depth report about industrial sites.
Moreover, the articles have being sent to major portal site
such as Naver, Google, Daum, Zoom, Nate and local government news.
Article contents
  • · Machine/Equipment
  • · Factory Automation
  • · Electronic
  • · Battery/Cell
  • · Semiconductor
  • · Chemistry/Environmental Plant
  • · Industry Exhibition

Industrial Realty

Industry realty websites that offers
information regarding the pre-sale and renting of factories,
tool distribution complexes and apartment-style
factories in South Korea.
  • · Realty News
  • · Properties for sale
  • · Properties for rent
  • · Property prices
  • · YSFEZ(Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone)Status

Daara Magazine

Daara Magazine
  • · Monthly magazine since 1991
  • · Provides e-book in online
  • └ online address :
Magazine contents
  • · Machine Tools
  • · Automation Equipments
  • · Heavy Equipments
  • · Food/Packing Industry
  • · Electronic components
  • · Batteries/Cells & Power Supplies
  • · Semiconductor Equipments
  • · Exhibition business

Contact Us

Woo Kyeom Kim (provides English service)

Global Marketing Manager Tel : +82 10 3375 5684 Email :

Kyeo-Ra Lee (中文服务)

Global Marketing Executive Tel : +82 10 6330 0826 Email :

Myung Sun Pyo (日本語 サービス)

Global Marketing Executive Tel : +82 10 3356 1775 Email :